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CAZO Design for Pets

CAZO is a dynamically developing brand that was born out of a multi-generational love of animals. The passion for four-legged friends comes from the family traditions of the founder of the CAZO brand, who has always been accompanied by care for the welfare of animals. At the beginning, the family passion was reflected in the network of veterinary offices and clinics, which then became the foundation and inspiration for creating the CAZO brand. Our activity is the development of family traditions in the veterinary and zoological industry, thanks to which we can count on the support and professional advice of veterinarians in the creation process.

However, in addition to functionality, which we care for, drawing on the professional knowledge and extensive experience of veterinarians, in the process of creating CAZO products, we also care about original form and interesting design. We look for inspiration to design new lair patterns during foreign trips, but also in art and architecture. When designing new series of products, we carefully observe the trends prevailing on the global pet market, but most of all we listen to your suggestions, because customer satisfaction and satisfaction are invaluable to us.

Due to the diverse needs of four-legged pets, we have created several dozen collections of lairs, each time taking care of the quality of even the smallest details, the use of durable materials and original design. The unique combinations of materials of different colors and textures also play an important role: such as linen, leather and velour. In our projects, we are not afraid of bold color combinations, which does not mean, however, that we do not value classic combinations and economical forms. In our offer, apart from lairs in neutral, subdued colors, there are also products with a unique shape, in surprising color combinations, studded with punk studs or decorated with sparkling stones. There's no reason why our Bichon Frise, Chow Chows and French Bulldogs can't have a little glamour in their lives. In addition to lairs, which are an ideal element of equipment even the most elegant interior, you will find in the CAZO offer a series of beds designed for large breed dogs, German Shepherds, Rottweilers and Great Danes,. OUTDOOR models are made of modern materials, resistant to abrasion and moisture, thanks to which they will be perfect in the garden, serving our pets for a long time. 

In line with the motto of the CAZO brand - DESIGN FOR PETS, we attach particular importance to the stylistic consistency of our products. Based on this idea, whole series of products dedicated to our four-legged friends were created. The sets consisting of houses, beds, mattresses and transporters are complemented by CAZO harnesses, leashes and collars. A wide range of these products will satisfy the tastes of even the most demanding buyers, because apart from the economy line, the CAZO brand offers you accessories made of organic cotton and natural leather. For fans of simple patterns, we recommend classic colors and simple cuts, while for fans of avant-garde we offer harnesses, lanyards and studded collars or accessories in the glamor style, illuminated with crystals, planted in soft velor.

The motto of our company is care for original design, which was reflected in the brand logo. CAZO - DESIGN FOR PETS, best reflects the nature of our products, which, apart from functionality, are characterized by original design and high quality of workmanship. CAZO is a brand that looks for inspiration to create exclusive products that will meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers.

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